• What is Air Pot And its Highlights

    What is Air Pot And its Highlights

    Does your plant have tangled roots, long taproots, weak lateral roots and a series of conditions that are not suitable for plant movement?Maybe you can find a solution in this article.Don’t in hurry contradict me,please listen to me. Firstly,what is air pot? It is a new ...
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  • How to choose landscape fabric

    Whether you are still angry about the quality of the landscape fabric you bought, whether you are still sad that the landscape fabric is not breathable and permeable, whether you are still confused about how to choose the landscape fabric. So I hope this article can help you. First of all, we nee...
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  • How to lay landscape fabric correctly

    If you are interested in purchasing landscape fabric to maximize the use of landscape fabric without harming your plants, please read this article carefully.I will introduce how to lay landscape fabric in different scene,such as before plantingand after planting. I will introduce how to install ...
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  • What is Landscape Fabric And its Highlights

    What is Landscape Fabric And its Highlights

    If you are working in horticulture, you will need landscape fabric even more.Don’t be in a hurry to contradict me.Please listen to me. Landscape fabric is a kind of friction-resistant plastic woven fabric made by PP or PE as raw materials. Landscape fabric also helps with stability and off...
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  • 10 tips to pull weeds and keep them out of your yard

            Ask any group of gardeners their least favorite activity and you’re bound to hear “Weeding!” in unison. Overgrown weeds steal water and valuable nutrients from the soil, where they can be absorbed by useful plants, and their not-so-pretty heads can ...
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  • Factory made hot-sale Agriculture Protection Plastic Weed Barrier

            Some people love gardens but hate gardening, and that’s perfectly fine. We said it there. We know that some plant lovers consider weeding, fertilizing and watering a meditative activity, while others know nothing about pest control and cannot clean the dirt und...
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  • How to lay landscape fabric

    The method of laying woven weed mat  is as follows: 1. Clean up the entire laying area, clean up debris such as weeds and stones, and ensure that the ground is flat and tidy. 2. Measure the size of the required laying area to determine the size of the weed barrier required. 3. Unfold and spread t...
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  • Why Plastic Landscape Fabric Is Actually Harmful To Your Plants And Soil

            I have advice on how to save money on your next landscaping project. It will also save time and management costs: no plastic is used. This includes hard plastic film and so-called weed-resistant “fabrics”. These things are being promoted to help keep wee...
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  • Heay duty landscape fabric

            Unfortunately, landscape fabric is often used for landscaped beds or borders in gardens. But I always advise my clients not to use it. Here are some of the reasons why I don’t think landscape fabric is a good idea and how to do it better.      &n...
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  • lawn and garden weeds: how to identify and control them

           Stop pesky plants from ruining your garden party with this guide to identifying and removing common weeds.       Andrea Beck was BHG’s horticultural editor and her work has appeared in Food & Wine, Martha Stewart, MyRecipes and other public...
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  • Clemson researchers arm farmers with new tool to fight costly weeds

            The advice comes from Matt Cutull, assistant professor of plant weed science at the Clemson Coastal Research and Education Center. Cutulle and other agricultural researchers presented “integrated weed management” techniques at a recent workshop at the Clem...
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  • Is landscape fabric worth the weed control issues?

            Landscape fabric is marketed as a simple weed killer, but in the end it’s not worth it. (Chicago Botanical Garden)        I have several large trees and shrubs in my garden and the weeds are having a hard time keeping up with them this year. ...
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