• Why our factory only manufacture virgin landscape fabic

    Why our factory only manufacture virgin landscape fabic:    1. Product quality requirements: weed mat made of virgin materials usually has higher quality and durability, and can better resist the impact of the external environment, so it meets customers’ product quality requirements.    2. ...
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  • why use weed mats to prevent weedds

    why use weed mats to prevent weedds

    Weed control fabric is a material used to prevent the growth of weeds and has many advantages, including: 1. Prevent the growth of weeds: weed mats can effectively prevent the growth of weeds, thereby reducing competition for plants and maintaining healthy growth of plants. 2. Water-permeable and...
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  • Did you choose the right insect-proof net

    Did you choose the right insect-proof net

    There are many benefits to the use of insect-proof nets in vegetable production. The function, selection and use methods of insect control net are introduced as follows. 1. The role of insect control net 1. Anti-insect. After covering the vegetable field with the insect-proof net, it can basicall...
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  • Use it correctly, no longer be afraid of weed growth!

    Weed control mat is also known as “garden cloth”, “weed suppression”, “landscape fabric” is a kind of woven plastic woven cloth, good air permeability, fast water seepage, weed growth of a horticultural and agricultural ground grass prevention mat. Most areas i...
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  • What is a Grass-repellent cloth?

    What is a Grass-repellent cloth?

    Do you still weed in the traditional way? Artificial weeding? herbicide weeding? Compared with manual weeding: save labor costs, save time and effort. Generally, weeding occurs at least 2-3 times a year, especially for people who plant a large base field, the annual labo...
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  • What is Air Pot And its Highlights

    What is Air Pot And its Highlights

    Does your plant have tangled roots, long taproots, weak lateral roots and a series of conditions that are not suitable for plant movement?Maybe you can find a solution in this article.Don’t in hurry contradict me,please listen to me. Firstly,what is air pot? It is a new ...
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  • How to choose landscape fabric

    Whether you are still angry about the quality of the landscape fabric you bought, whether you are still sad that the landscape fabric is not breathable and permeable, whether you are still confused about how to choose the landscape fabric. So I hope this article can help you. First of all, we nee...
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  • How to lay landscape fabric correctly

    If you are interested in purchasing landscape fabric to maximize the use of landscape fabric without harming your plants, please read this article carefully.I will introduce how to lay landscape fabric in different scene,such as before plantingand after planting. I will introduce how to install ...
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  • What is Landscape Fabric And its Highlights

    What is Landscape Fabric And its Highlights

    If you are working in horticulture, you will need landscape fabric even more.Don’t be in a hurry to contradict me.Please listen to me. Landscape fabric is a kind of friction-resistant plastic woven fabric made by PP or PE as raw materials. Landscape fabric also helps with stability and off...
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  • 10 tips to pull weeds and keep them out of your yard

            Ask any group of gardeners their least favorite activity and you’re bound to hear “Weeding!” in unison. Overgrown weeds steal water and valuable nutrients from the soil, where they can be absorbed by useful plants, and their not-so-pretty heads can ...
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  • Factory made hot-sale Agriculture Protection Plastic Weed Barrier

            Some people love gardens but hate gardening, and that’s perfectly fine. We said it there. We know that some plant lovers consider weeding, fertilizing and watering a meditative activity, while others know nothing about pest control and cannot clean the dirt und...
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  • How to lay landscape fabric

    The method of laying woven weed mat  is as follows: 1. Clean up the entire laying area, clean up debris such as weeds and stones, and ensure that the ground is flat and tidy. 2. Measure the size of the required laying area to determine the size of the weed barrier required. 3. Unfold and spread t...
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